Important Notice!

Due to the high volume of upcoming expeditions our high season is completely full between December of 2021 and June of 2022. We are unable to take any more bookings or schedule new multi-day treks outside the ones shown on our DATES page. On those treks with the label “SPACES AVAILABLE” we still have room for one or two more participants, but those are filling up fast.   Dates not shown on the calendar are likely full with private expeditions, overseas travel, or down time, so the dates that we don’t advertise are therefore unavailable as well. We hope to be open to new bookings for July of 2022.  The Hike & Paddle Chagres River and H & P Camino de Cruces day trips are relatively easy to organize and can happen at any time provided we’re not busy leading longer expeditions. In any case we encourage you to contact us several weeks in advance if you’re interested in these day trips. Many thanks!

Darien Gap Expedition, 2016

Hi clan!

I know it seems like we’ve neglected you a bit. Apologies for the long silence! However, I think we have good reasons for not sticking around. We’ve been in the bush for way too long, with short lapses in civilisation, barely enough time to clean up, resupply and head back into the pucker brush. On the flip side, we’ve been truly blessed with good company, good weather, and some pretty amazing adventures. We’re just going through the pile of videos and pictures we’ve come back with, plus all the material that our clients kindly share with us! In and of itself editing and posting is a full-time job. One we really don’t have the human resource for at the moment, but someone’s got to do it.

So without further ado, we let the images speak for themselves. This particular clip is from our last Darien Gap Expedition. Hope you enjoy it!

April 25 2016