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Chagres River Hike & Paddle

This day hike is an instant winner! With great scenery, first-rate  jungle immersion, fun paddling downriver on a packraft, and all of this combined with the occasional "ship-spotting" on the Panama Canal. What's not to love!?  But wait, we're getting ahead of ourselves....  Even before all the excitement starts, we ease ourselves into the jungle environment and the day's activities with a hot cup of coffee atop the watch tower of the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center, with unequalled views of the jungle canopy. After a leisurely time at the top we go down the stairs, hoist our backpacks and take to the trail for a healthy walk in the woods. Approximately by noon we arrive at a local village where  a fresh lunch awaits.

We enjoy a well-deserved break and out of our packs we retrieve the river kit bundle the contains our paddles and packrafts, which we proceed to assemble and launch on the Chagres River. We paddle for a few Kilometers down the Chagres to the point where it's no longer a river and becomes the Panama Canal!

And so ends a day chock-full of adventure...

Notes: This hike can be organized on short-notice however, due to our other commitments, we kindly ask that you contact us as soon as possible in order to put it all together.

The hike entails 5Km walking on irregular jungle terrain and 3.5Km paddling on a packraft. Sturdy footwear and good ankles are necessary, as well as sun protection.